Success shared is success squared. Wednesday, Oct 14 2009 

A week of networking and working on the Net. After the first of many business networking functions (a couple of good prospects) and some work on my website for Successwright, I’ve found another important axiom headlined above. I now know why self-help people are so evangelical. Remember when we were young and taught to share? Would it not be a violation of that to not share something truly life changing?

I’m reveling in the good feelings gained by sharing my secrets for success.


Physician, heal thyself… Thursday, Oct 8 2009 

… Coach, get coached. Today I started my personal performance coaching. This will be what I’m doing for others soon. Lots of networking and prospecting in the next few weeks as I test the success of Successwright.
To do this right I must become a product of my product. We’ll be focused on my growing ability to awaken in others their fullest potential in leadership, sales, time management, customer loyalty, strategic planning and removing the obstacles to achieving more, working less and celebrating often.
Let me show you what I’ve learned and help you write the play of your life rather than be an actor in someone else’s plan.